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IT Screen Capture is a MenuFree screen capture utility designed specifically for technical writers and software professionals. IT Screen Capture allows you to capture quickly and crop dynamically document-ready screen captures. IT Screen CaptureOCOs MenuFree design and AlwaysOn feature makes it the most productive screen capture utility available. IT Screen CaptureOCOs MenuFree design in combination with configurable keyboard shortcuts and dynamic cropping provides the right power without needless menus. Five shortcut-activated capture modes including Full Screen, Dialog box, Window, Region, and Fixed size region provide the most common screen capture requirements. Each capture mode has a configurable keyboard shortcut in the MenuFree user interface. The fixed size region mode and the keep mode active options allow pixel-level accuracy for sequential captures to be used in training movies and documents where accurate image registration is required. IT Screen CaptureOCOs powerful dynamic cropping (including a magnifier) allows captures to be cropped with pixel-level accuracy. Screen captures are ready for user guides, web sites, or online help systems at the time of capture. This eliminates the need for other graphics tools to refine and adjust screen captures. IT Screen CaptureOCOs options provide: include cursor, display information window, keep mode active, and activate capture at startup. Screen capture file names and destination directories are defined in the MenuFree user interface. All the common graphics formats are supported. IT Screen Capture was designed by a technical writer and user interface designer with more than 30 years experience. Careful research determined the most important screen capture features, and the causes of lost productivity. If productivity is your goal, try IT Screen Capture and you will never go back to your former way of doing screen captures.

Systems: Windows

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